A glimpse into Magnetic Engines main milestones of 2021

Since the launch of Magnetic Engines brand in early 2021, our team had quite a few achievements, including: ​

  • Moving engine shop into the new facility which allows accommodating more engines.
  • Performed 20 major repairs on CFM56 engines. Adding certifications, preservations, borescopes and other services adds up to over 80 engines in total, serviced in our workshop.
  • Added capability for assembly, disassembly and repair of CFM56-3. We have started with the modular maintenance and hot section repairs and then added the capability for HPT rear shaft replacement and LPT shaft replacement. This allowed us to repair a number CFM56-3 engines – and we have very ambitious plans for 2022. ​
  • Significantly increased the team of our technicians!​
  • Added certain piece parts inspection and certification capability, which helps to reduce the cost of the engines repair​.

Looking into this year, the team is ready to share more news – stay tuned!​

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